Legal Advice Sources for Brain Injury Survivors (Revealed)

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have profound, life-altering repercussions. Changes to personality, memory issues and speech and processing delays may wreak havoc with relationships among friends, family members and coworkers alike.

If the TBI was caused by someone else’s negligence, victims can take legal action to hold those accountable accountable. A personal injury attorney can assist them in identifying potential liable parties and negotiate with insurance providers before filing a civil suit on their behalf.

Legal Resources

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have long-lasting and profound impacts on one’s life. Physical, cognitive, emotional, and financial consequences may take their toll, yet there are resources available to you that can aid recovery; from support groups to legal advice – as well as finding potential compensation payments if necessary.

Surviving a TBI often results in long-term disability that impedes their ability to work and provide for their family. TBI survivors also often struggle with medical issues including difficulty walking, tremors and loss of balance – sometimes as severe as depression and anxiety.

Even mild TBI can have serious repercussions, and victims should seek medical help immediately after suffering one. Because symptoms from TBI often don’t manifest until later on, making diagnosis and treatment harder than necessary. Therefore, keeping a symptom diary will enable you to more accurately describe any issues or challenges you are encountering when speaking with doctors, lawyers or insurance representatives.

If you have suffered a brain injury, it is imperative that you speak to an experienced lawyer right away in order to safeguard your rights and ensure they are upheld. Brain injury claim experts MRH Solicitors can review your case and identify all parties responsible; furthermore they can assist in getting medical care and rehabilitation necessary to improve quality of life.

Importantly, TBI injuries can have a dramatic impact on employment opportunities. If an employer cannot accommodate your limitations, you have every right to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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Support Groups

After experiencing a brain injury, one’s quality of life may become severely diminished. Many victims cannot return to work or require assistance with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning; furthermore, these injuries often impose financial difficulties due to medical bills and care expenses; however if your injury was due to another party’s negligence you may be eligible for compensation.

Each person responds differently to a brain injury; some symptoms may emerge quickly while others can take years before manifesting, ultimately having long-term negative repercussions for living independently.

Some of the most frequently experienced symptoms include physical impairments, cognitive disabilities and emotional changes. Victims may require special mobility equipment or to modify their home for accessibility purposes – wider doors, ramps or ceiling lifts might be needed – or hire special care providers or hire home health aides as necessary. Sometimes their quality of life becomes so severely diminished that hobbies or social activities cannot longer be enjoyed as before.

Living with a brain injury can be emotionally draining for victims and their loved ones alike. TBI survivors may feel ashamed, powerless to explain their problems to friends or family members and may fall into self-sabotaging thinking patterns like labeling: believing their injury means they are lazy or inferior intellectually.

Brain injury support groups can be invaluable resources. By gathering together people who share similar experiences and sharing struggles, these support groups provide vital opportunities for interaction among peers who understand each other while sharing valuable resources and information to assist individuals cope with their conditions. The Brain Injury Association of New York maintains an online list of support groups located throughout 17 counties statewide as well as hosting monthly virtual support group. In addition, Hope After Head Injury hosts its own monthly virtual support group meeting online.


Though a brain injury may appear minor at first, its lasting consequences can have profound impacts on you and those close to you. An injury to the brain can alter every aspect of life – memory, movement and emotions can all be altered due to this sudden change. You will likely need the services of numerous specialists for support as your new abilities emerge – from neurologists or neurosurgeons, physical/occupational therapists and psychologists through to speech therapists and speech pathologists. Your living environment must also change to accommodate this, installing ramps/ceiling lifts/wider doors/installing ramps/ceiling lifts/wider doors etc – while returning to work may not always be feasible and instead opt for lighter duties instead.

Traumatic brain injuries may have long-term repercussions that diminish your quality of life. If the injury has prevented you from engaging in activities you once enjoyed, compensation may be available for these losses.

Survivors may also seek compensation for lost wages and future earning potential, for instance if your efficiency or effectiveness at work have decreased; it might be necessary to change jobs altogether or pursue another line of work altogether.

Brain injuries may qualify for accommodations at work that will level the playing field and allow you to do your job more effectively. Your employer is legally obliged to offer such accommodations if you fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If someone else was negligent and caused your brain injury, consulting with a personal injury attorney might be in your best interests. They can identify who should cover medical bills, negotiate aggressively with insurers and even file civil suits on your behalf if necessary.

An attorney can also be invaluable during your recovery, guiding and supporting you every step of the way and making sure that you receive appropriate care for your specific needs. Furthermore, they can assist with calculating damages so you can receive compensation for medical costs, living costs, pain & suffering as well as other damages sustained as a result of TBI. Reach out today to an experienced TBI lawyer to discuss your case!

Insurance Companies

Brain injury survivors often struggle to navigate the financial aftermath of their injuries despite their best efforts, such as loss of income and ongoing medical bills and treatment expenses. Even with disability payments in place, many can’t afford a comfortable existence after being injured; but by filing a personal injury claim they can seek financial compensation from parties responsible.

An experienced New York TBI attorney can help victims secure the money necessary to cover damages from TBI incidents. These attorneys know how to calculate the value of such damage claims and are familiar with various forms of TBI-related compensation available; in addition, they’re familiar with any attempts insurance companies may use against your claim, such as devaluing it or even outright rejecting it altogether.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that prioritize profit for their shareholders. When dealing with TBI claims, insurance companies may attempt to reduce liability by suggesting your injuries were either not severe, had preexisting conditions, or are even faked out. An experienced attorney can disprove these assertions with evidence such as receipts, bank statements and invoices from past and anticipated future expenses incurred as proof.

Reliable attorneys possess extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to secure you the money that is due. They will not settle for less than what is rightfully yours and may fight against insurers to ensure their clients’ rights are upheld.

An experienced attorney can ensure that victims of workplace accidents do not face discrimination due to having TBI. According to federal and state laws, discriminating against employees for having this condition is illegal.

A good TBI attorney will be able to establish that negligence led directly to your injury by working closely with neurologists to bolster your case and provide expert testimony in court. They’ll also gather documentation showing the extent of losses.