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How to Identify Different Types of Double Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows offer improved insulation, cutting energy costs and noise from neighbours or traffic. Furthermore, double-glazed windows help limit sun exposure on furnishings to limit sun damage.

One effective way of recognizing double glazed windows is by looking for windows with spacer systems between their panes – this gap may even be filled with gas like argon to further boost thermal performance.

1. Look for a Glass Code

If you’re purchasing double glazed windows for your home, always check for the kitemark code on the glass. This string of letters and numbers represents both the date of manufacture as well as brand name of manufacturer; look for this text either on or between panes to ensure high-quality energy efficient windows are being provided to you.

Double glazed windows often incorporate inert gases like argon, krypton or xenon into their gas filling to improve insulation further. As heat enters your house quickly through air molecules, filling these spaces helps slow their movement resulting in lower heating bills as well as warmer winter nights and cooler summer evenings in your home.

There is an array of styles of double glazed windows available to homeowners today, such as casement or tilt and turn windows, so finding the ideal style will depend on both aesthetics and your requirements. Casement windows offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic and are well suited to larger properties with plenty of wall space – they let in plenty of natural light while being suitable for most climates.

Other types of double glazed windows include uPVC and aluminium composite windows. These come in an assortment of colours and finishes for easy maintenance as well as offering maximum insulation and security.

Tempered glass windows offer another form of double glazed window to homeowners, providing added safety measures against accidental injuries in homes with children. These tempered windows come equipped with an additional layer of security – which makes breaking them harder – making them the ideal solution.

When purchasing double glazed windows, the key factor to keeping in mind is choosing a company with a solid reputation. Review their website and read customer reviews online so you have an idea of their service and products from past customers. Also make sure that you obtain multiple quotes from various providers so you can secure yourself the best price.

2. Check the Frame


Double glazed windows are an effective way to cut energy bills, keep your home warm and reduce noise levels, but just like anything they may deteriorate and need replacing at some point. Here are some signs your double glazed windows might need replacement:

Drafty windows may indicate a broken sealant between two glass panes that’s holding them together – this could cause water ingress into your walls and plaster as well as creating drafts and drafty draughts near them. As soon as this occurs, immediate action must be taken in order to stop further water ingress causing damage as well as creating drafts near windows.

An additional telltale sign of air leakage in your home is condensation between glass panes, which indicates that either your sealant has worn away, allowing water to enter, causing damage, or because inert gas has evaporated and allowed warm air to escape your house. As soon as this occurs, repair must take place quickly to stop further flooding of water into your home and repair any inert gas that has evaporated, thus replacing lost warmth that has entered via leaks in its place.

Your double glazed window’s frame can be constructed from various materials, such as timber, softwood, hardwood, aluminium or uPVC. Your choice depends on both budget and desired aesthetic – most frames offer multiple colour choices to meet these goals.

Tilt and turn windows, casement doors and sliding options provide plenty of options for window coverings in smaller homes. Tilt and turn windows are particularly ideal for parents of young children as they can be opened from either top or side for easier opening and closing, providing greater safety than single hinge windows. Casement and sliding door options provide more streamlined solutions that fit more seamlessly.

Double glazed windows are harder to break than single pane windows and may feature high security transparent lamination layers to help ward off burglars. Some manufacturers even provide lifetime guarantees with their products which is an invaluable way to ensure peace of mind that your double glazing investment is safe.

3. Check the Glass

Double glazed windows can help homeowners maximize the energy efficiency and lower energy costs in their home, as the double paned glass insulates by keeping cold air from infiltrating during winter and hot air from escaping during summer. In addition, they provide great noise insulation thanks to a tight seal between panes of glass.

However, double glazed windows don’t last forever and may need replacing eventually; if signs that your double glazed windows may be failing early, there are simple tests you can perform to assess their integrity and ensure they work as intended.

One way to identify double glazed windows is by inspecting their interior edge glass. If two separate panes of glass separated by spacers can be seen separated from each other by an air gap, that indicates your windows are double glazed; otherwise, chances are good they’re single glazed windows.

Another straightforward way of testing windows is by sensing drafts. If you sense air moving through your windows, that could be an indicator that seals are beginning to degrade and allow air into and out of your house – potentially raising energy bills over time and leading to further damage and costing more in energy bills than necessary. Get them checked ASAP in order to save yourself further expense.

It is also vital that if you own tilt and turn windows, that handles are regularly checked to make sure they are in their correct positions to prevent small children from opening and climbing through them.

If a handle cannot be placed in its lowest setting, contact your window manufacturer immediately and have this issue rectified as this indicates seal degradation which could allow moisture into your frame causing warping or bowing of wood frames.

4. Check the Hardware

Double-glazed windows can be an invaluable asset to your home. Not only are they energy efficient and quieter, they can help reduce carbon emissions. But with so many types of double glazing on the market, it may be challenging determining which are right for your house.

One way to identify the type of double glazing installed in your home is by searching for manufacturer’s codes or names on window hardware – such as handles, sash locks or any other component that secures them. Take careful note when searching and take photos to facilitate future reference.

Make use of the internet to search for pictures of various window styles. Once you find some that strike your fancy, enlarge and compare it with your own window to determine whether there is enough similarity that allows for identification of its manufacturer and series number.

Check the frame material of your windows as well. There are several choices, such as uPVC, aluminium composite and wood. Each has their own set of benefits and drawbacks; for instance uPVC offers durability while wooden frames allow easy customization using paint. The benefits of installing double glazed windows, including enhanced energy efficiency and noise reduction, are outlined on, offering valuable insights for homeowners considering this upgrade.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to test for any problems that might indicate your double glazing isn’t functioning as it should be. Draughts could be an indicator that seals have been compromised; in such an instance, you will need to replace all windows and doors immediately.

Alternately, you might notice an unexpectedly large rise in utility costs. Double glazed windows should keep heat inside during winter and out during summer; however, their tight seals may no longer be upholding this task effectively.

Double-glazed windows are an excellent way for homeowners to save money, remain comfortable, and increase the value of their home.

As double-glazed windows are more energy efficient than single pane ones, they can significantly lower energy bills. If you would like more information or would like any type of double glazed window installed in your home, contact us now.