Wearing Comfortable and Ergonomic Shoe Insoles – The Difference It Can Make

People ask me, why wear shoe insoles? I reply, it is because it adds comfort and makes walking more enjoyable. In fact, some of the manufacturers have made such insoles very comfortable that you do not even realize that you are walking with them on.

I know some people who wear sandals like they were born to be on foot, while others barely touch the ground with their shoes on. The insoles add stability to your footwear. This in turn makes you walk with better posture. Some people call it “foot fatigue” but I prefer to call it the joy of being on your feet.

When you first get your new pair of boots or shoes, especially if they are really expensive, you may feel a little discomfort at first. It is normal to be a little tentative and to have your heart rate go up a bit. There are newer acupressure insoles as seen on which you will surely love.

But after a period of time, your feet will become accustomed to the shape and the feature of your new shoes or boots and all that extra comfort that they offer becomes a pleasure. There are some people that feel that “shock absorption” is another reason to wear shoe insoles.

Shock absorption simply means that your shoes or boots provide good shock absorption without any added stress on your back or on your neck. I actually do not understand the term, but it does help to relieve some of the pressure that can cause soreness in the neck and in the back. It may not be a full-proof solution, but it is a helpful asset.

Some people feel that “memory foam” helps to relieve foot fatigue insoles. Memory foam is the name used for visco-elastic polyurethane foam. It was developed in the 1960s by Dr. Richard Rubens for the U.S. Army. Air force personnel were the first to use it in their boots.

More recently, a company in New Zealand began developing a unique material called memory foam. Their research and development have led to the development of what is known as memory foam. A final consideration why people wear shoe insoles is to increase the elevation of your foot.

This means that you are actually using more of your leg and thigh muscles when you walk. If you are a shorter person, you will also find that your shoe insoles will make you stand taller.

The benefits of wearing a heel spinner are many. Not only do they add height, but they add extra stability when walking. They can be adjusted to fit most people or you can purchase them custom-made to fit your foot. In addition to the height, they also give extra bite for those of us with flat feet.

Lastly, they add flex to your walking and are great for cross-training. There are many reasons that people wear shoe insoles. As mentioned above, the increase in height, but there are many more benefits.

Some people use them for sports and even work shoes. They are even being used by some dancers in order to help increase their flexibility and reduce the chance of injury. For the average person, the benefits are endless.

If you are still not convinced that you need to start wearing shoe insoles, I will offer one last reason. They can improve your posture. It all goes back to the basics of how we are built. If you stand with your stomach sticking out and your back straight, you are going to look like a frump.

However, if you stand with your stomach tucked in and your back straight, you will look like an apple!