How To Disassemble Your iPhone The Right Way

There are a variety of explanations why you may end up wishing to disassemble your iPhone. One explanation might be in case you’re likely to be buying a brand new mobile phone and wish to promote your old iPhone for components to generate a little dollars to counterbalance the cost of your brand new device. Another explanation might be that one of your phone’s elements is broken, and also you wish to fix it.

Merely because there’s an issue for your iPhone, it doesn’t always mean it’s time that you can purchase a new one. These units could be rather costly, and it might be easy for you to resolve the issue. Or perhaps, even when the broken component is beyond repair, you might be ready to exchange only that section without having to buy a whole new phone. In case, for whatever reason, you’re keen on learning to disassemble your iPhone, check out the next steps to help you get you started.

1. The first thing you are going to need to accomplish is removing your phone’s sim paper tray. Your phone probably arrived with a tool that is created, especially for doing this. In case you don’t have the device, although you are able to make use of a paper clip.

2. Next, search for two little iPhone screws which are placed on the edge of your phone’s dock. You are going to need to have out these screws to start the case.

3. Now you are going to need to sort the rear board from the display. To get this done, find the chrome band and glide something between it and the glass face panel across the gap from among the iPhone screws. Be careful when exerting stress so as never to break the glass.

4. Without breaking the ribbons, now raise the board separate from the dock conclusion of your cell phone.

5. Look for ribbons marked “2” and “1” on the keyboard and also unplug them. When you have eliminated ribbon two, you are going to see ribbon three, which also has to be unclipped. After disconnecting these three ribbons, the take-off of the display assembly.

6. The next step that has to be completed is releasing the motherboard. To be able to do this, you’ll first have to find and remove the 7 iPhone screws that keep it in. One of those screws will be protected by a sticker that states, “DO NOT REMOVE.” You’ll also have to eliminate a ribbon labeled “4.”

7. After establishing the motherboard separately, you are going to need to have away your phone’s battery power by taking up on a tab that is attached to it. You are going to find another screw that has been eliminated.

8. Taking out nine more iPhone screws, today remove flex cable, headphone jack, and the camera.

9. The next component which is going to need to be removed will be the speaker assembly. This portion comes with the dock connector, home button, and antennae. To eliminate these, you are going to need to take out two more iPhone screws.

10. Setting the assembly aside, you’ll now have to have out the five screws that are positioning the LCD on the leading glass panel. After the screws have been eliminated, you are able to sort the LCD from the cupboard.

Congratulations! You have today disassembled your iPhone. If you are still interested in effectively repairing your phone for varying issues, it is worth knowing what Geekextreme advises on getting the best cell phone repair today.